In 1883, O.F. Pilcher began selling insurance after a large structure fire consumed several buildings in downtown McArthur, Ohio. As he gained clients throughout the area, Mr. Pilcher would often travel by horse and carriage to meet with area farmers to sell them fire insurance and help protect their property.

In March 1885, Mr. Pilcher was traveling through Hocking County when a snowstorm occurred. He stopped at a farm and asked if he could stay until conditions improved. The farm’s owner, George Rauber, welcomed him and provided a meal and room for the evening. During their conversation, Mr. Pilcher explained fire insurance to Mr. Rauber. Before evening’s end, Mr. Rauber purchased a policy to protect his farm.

Knox Insurance Agency continues to insure the Rauber farm to this day, through five generations of agents and four generations of farm owners.

At Knox Insurance, we are proud of our longstanding history with both clients and the insurance companies we represent. Although technology certainly advanced during the 135 years we’ve been in business, it is the relationships and a high level of customer service that have always been the cornerstone of our work.

Our staff is dedicated to offering quality services and products to protect the people and things you cherish most.

We stand by our motto, “Insurance is our product – quality service is our business.”